Who Gets Mountain Bike Coaching?

Beginner and Novice Mountain Bikers

Learn the core skills, build confidence, ride safer and in more control all while having a blast on your mountain bike! Many mountain bike skills and maneuvers aren’t all that intuitive so it helps to learn proper techniques right from the get-go.

Recreational Riders Who Want to Improve Their Skills

You’re likely self-taught and you’ve probably developed some bad habits that you don’t even know you have. And, darn, you just can’t figure out how other riders make it all look so easy! Maybe you want to really hone your skills or you’re tired of getting dropped on group rides because you can’t keep up in the technical sections.

Mountain Bikers Who Race or Want to Start Racing

You’ll learn how to be smoother, faster and save energy on your rides and races. You’ll work on eliminating the bad habits you’ve developed over the years that are slowing you down. You might even find yourself on the podium more often!