Today I want to talk to you about doing a bike equipment safety check before you head out for a ride.

And before we even get to the bike, I want to talk about the helmet. Grab your helmet. Take a look all around the outside of the helmet looking for cracks and dents. Take a look on the inside for the same thing; cracks, dents.

Make sure none of the Styrofoam-like material has any chunks missing or anything like that. Push it together and pull it apart, making sure that structural integrity is there so if you need it you’ve got that protection.

Let’s move on to the…

Bike Equipment Safety Check – Things to Check on the Bike

Check the pressure in your front tire.  Make sure it’s appropriate for the conditions you’re going to be riding in. for the terrain and for your weight.

Pick up the bike from the headset and spin that wheel. Make sure it spins freely and looks to be balanced. Grab that brake and make sure it’s right there for you.

Check the quick release.  Make sure that the lever is tight and is pointing either up or back so it’s not going to catch or snag on twigs or saplings. Things like that can take you down fast.  Make sure that axle is tight if you have a thru axle.

Let’s lock the brakes, push down to make sure your fork is behaving the way you want it to be before you head out.

Now we’re going to take a look at the headset. Turn your wheel perpendicular to your frame, lock your front brake, put your other hand on your headset. Make sure that as you push forward on the bike, that there’s no play through the headset.  Make sure it’s good and solid. From the side it looks like this, you’re pushing it forward, this way, into the bike.

If you have a dropper post, use the remote and make sure the post is working.

Let’s go down to the pedals.  Spin those pedals and make sure they’re going freely.

We’re going to check the crank arm next. Grab hold of it and push it toward the frame then pull it away from the frame. Make sure there’s no play through the bottom bracket.  Check the other side as well.

Moving to the back of the bike, check your pressure in the tire. Again, make sure it’s appropriate for the type of riding you’re going to be doing. Lift up the bike and spin that wheel then grab the brake and make sure it stops on a dime.

Check that quick release and make sure it’s tight and angled back so it’s not going to catch anything.

If all these bike equipment safety check areas out, you’re probably going to have a decent ride.  So, when you go on out, have fun!

If you need any help with the skills that will help you perform maneuvers better, I’m here for you.

I want to help you increase your FUN factor and decrease your CRASH factor!

Coach Margie Bowen here, signing off.

Until next time,

Happy trails!






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Bike Equiment Safety Check headset

Bike Equipment Safety Check – Headset

Bike Equipment Safety Check - Pedals

Bike Equipment Safety Check – Pedals

Bike Equipment Safety Check - Quick Release

Bike Equipment Safety Check – Quick Release