Intermediate Skills Clinics for Women at NEMBAfest!

Ladies, it’s time to take your skill level up a notch with Intermediate Skills Clinics for Women at NEMBAfest 2017.

There have been plenty of beginner clinics offered over the years but my guess is that you’re ready for more.

If you have a good foundation of basic skills and are ready to learn more advanced techniques so you can stay on your bike on more challenging terrain, then this is the clinic for you.

During these Intermediate Skills Clinics, I’ll break down the techniques into manageable bite-size pieces. From there your confidence will build right along with your skill level. Sometimes you’ll learn by watching others in the group but most of the time you’ll learn by doing. We’ll have time out on the trails to practice in real-world situations and we’ll session on specific trail features. These clinics are limited to 10 participants each so you get the individual attention you may need with certain techniques.

Types of skills you’ll learn in Intermediate Skills Clinics for Women

  • Getting over obstacles (roots, rocks, logs, etc.) with finesse
  • Roll-downs
  • Climbing steeper technical sections
  • Descending steeper terrain
  • Cornering and switchbacks
  • Small drops
  • Improving flow
  • Choosing good lines
  • Building overall confidence

Imagine how much better you’ll be riding this year when you have these skills in your skill box.  It’s amazing the progress I’ve seen in just three hours when you finally learn the tricks to making mountain biking look easy, effortless and so much FUN.

So many women missed out on my clinics last year at NEMBAfest because they didn’t sign up in time and ended up on the waiting list. I don’t want that to happen to you this year. Sign up today, make the $99 investment in yourself and you’ll have your best year of riding ever!

As of the date of this post, the NEMBAfest website has not been updated with my Intermediate Skills Clinics for Women. My information from last year’s beginner clinics is still on the NEMBAfest website in the Latest News section along with the links to my website, but the fastest way to sign up and reserve your place is to use one of the links on this page.

When you sign up for one of my Intermediate Skills Clinics for Women be sure to complete the Registration form and be specific about what you’d like to get better at on the bike. I will customize the clinics to meet the requests of the majority of the 10 participants in each clinic.

Here’s to having your best season of mountain biking ever!

Happy trails.

Margie Bowen

USA Cycling Coach & MTB Instructor