Level Lifts make mountain biking more exciting!

Maneuvers like level lifts jack up the FUN factor as well as the COOL factor on a mountain bike.

Yesterday in the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” clinic we primarily worked on doing skinnies, wheelies, puddle stomps, level lifts, and getting up and over bigger rocks.

The “Rock ‘n’ Roll” clinic is a more advanced clinic and it builds upon the foundation that is built in the “Fundamentals” and “Maneuvers” clinics.

Being able to handle, and feeling confident with, advanced maneuvers takes mountain biking to the next level of fun.

Prerequisites to Performing Level Lifts

To do level lifts there are some prerequisites, primarily the ability to perform the following skills:

  • Standing front wheel lift
  • Rear wheel lift
  • Ability to lift both wheels simultaneously
  • Timing

In the video you’ll see we used a really small ramp, as much for a visual for them as anything, to practice level lifts in a controlled environment; a dirt parking lot.

The level lift technique can then be used to have more fun, and smooth out, trail features. Out on the trail they practiced doing level lifts off rocks and even off a root where the ground on the back side was a few inches lower.

You don’t need much of an elevation change to take advantage of the terrain and catch a bit of air. Even small undulations in the terrain can be used if there’s adequate speed.

If you’ve already taken the “Fundamentals” and “Maneuvers” clinics, or you’ve done some Private Coaching with me, and you’ve built a great foundation (including front and rear wheel lifts), you may want to consider taking the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” clinic in 2017.

All in one day you can advance your skills, have more fun on your bike and look cool while you’re at it!

See ya next season in the spring of 2017.

Coach Margie Bowen