Join Us for Mountain Bike Skills in Massachusetts

One thing I learned from teaching four skills clinics at two different levels at NEMBAfest this year was that there are a lot of people looking for mountain bike skills in Massachusetts. A large percentage of those who registered for my free and paid clinics were from Massachusetts. The majority were from the New England states but others came from NY and even as far away as Texas.

I’ve also had quite a few people from MA who have attended my clinics here in Burlington, CT and they’ve had up to a 2-hour drive to participate. There’s obviously a demand and I got to thinking…

It’s time for me to break out of my comfort zone here in CT and start serving neighboring states.

And I’m starting with full-day Fundamentals & Maneuvers clinics in Massachusetts!

Get Your Mountain Bike Skills in Massachusetts in 2018

Boston, MA area
Saturday, July 21 (co-ed clinic)
Sunday, July 22 (women-only clinic)

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So now that I’m venturing out beyond the comfort of my own local trail system, is there another area where YOU would like to have a skills clinic? Leave a comment below or email me.

Who do you know that’s looking for mountain bike skills in Massachusetts around the central part of the state? How about other areas of Connecticut?

If you have some friends in a specific area that are interested in improving their skills and riding better than ever, I may be able to accommodate your request and come to you for a Private Skills Clinic.

I’d be honored to help you increase your fun factor and decrease your crash factor.

Happy trails!

Coach Margie Bowen