Gear – A Few of My Favorite Things

As a mountain bike instructor and coach I’m frequently asked for advice about MTB gear and what I like and don’t like about the equipment I’ve used.

Here are some items that have become favorites of mine over the years.

Each of the pictures below is linked to their website so you can get more details.

My Favorite MTB Gear to Wear

Fox Racing Gloves “Dirtpaw”

I switched over from fingerless gloves during one racing season that was incredibly wet and muddy. Twelve of the 15 races were in wet conditions and I wasn’t able to keep a good grip unless I had full-fingered gloves.

These gloves are essential MTB gear and fit me really well. Of course you have to get at least a couple pair because they’ll get stinky in the summer just like all the other bike clothes we wear.

Zoic MTB Shorts

We can never have too many pairs of bike shorts!

Zoic mountain bike shorts fit me better than most other brands. The fabric is silky smooth and feels great on the skin. And they’re loaded with pockets. I have to have my pockets!

Zoic has come out with more colors and patterns to choose from (men’s and women’s) and they make tops to match, but that’s just a little too much for me.

Five Ten MTB Shoes

FiveTen shoes? There’s no comparison to any other mountain bike shoe I’ve tried. They’re called “sticky” shoes for a reason. Of course, if you can’t keep your feet on your flat pedals that’s actually a problem with your pedal stroke and probably not the pedal/shoe combination. But FiveTen shoes really do help to keep feet on pedals.

My feet are a bit wide so I can wear both the women’s and men’s styles of these shoes. I like the Freeriders the best but there is a lot to choose from in style and colors for this kind of MTB gear.

Favorite Gear for My Bike

Terry Bicycles FLX Gel Performance saddle

It took me forever to find a saddle that was comfortable for me. Years, actually.

The width of my sit bones must be a bit different than most because I tried over a dozen saddles before I came upon this style. They don’t make the red and white one that I have more so it’s a good thing I bought two of them.

The separate left and right sides of the saddle allow more movement and comfort.

KS Lev Dropper Post

I didn’t know I needed a dropper post until I rode a rental bike in Colorado last year! Had to get one as soon as I returned.

A dropper post enables you to get that seat out of your way so you can stay balanced on your pedals when doing bigger features and steep downhills.

Two things I especially like about this post are:
1) The cable is attached at the bottom so it’s not moving up and down with the seat
2) I can set the height anywhere I want compared to some posts that have only a few height settings.

Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Pedals

Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Pedals

Love the look and feel of these slimline pedals. And they come in lots of bright colors so you can get MTB gear to add a little color bling to your bike.

If you have trouble keeping your feet on the pedals,it’s more likely an issue with your pedal stroke than with the pedal and shoe combination.

The Crampon Ultimate is updated with a new high gloss, polished finish and are available in 10 colors.

● 342 grams
● Thin 6mm front impact edges
● 105mm x 105mm wide platforms
● Replaceable dual sided pins