MTB Skills Clinics in CT and MA

Participate in one of our MTB Skills Clinics and you’ll learn the tips and techniques that will take your riding ability up a level or two and ensure you have more fun on your mountain bike. Choose from co-ed or women-only 1-day clinics. No flights or overnight expenses required for most riders in New England and New York.

We want to help riders avoid the majority of the bumps, bruises and bloodshed that many mountain bikers experience, especially as newer riders. When you learn the basics from an experienced and professional mountain bike instructor, you’ll have an awesome foundation of skills. With a solid foundation to build upon you’ll be able perform the maneuvers that make mountain biking so much fun!

Mountain bike coaching and MTB skills clinics are NOT just for newbies. There is a large percentage of mountain bikers that have been riding for many years that don’t know the basics. Sadly, they don’t know what they don’t know so they never improve. If you’re not happy with your riding ability on all types of terrain then the answer is pretty simple…

Get coached and you’ll have a very different experience out on the trails!





The home base of MTB Skills Training since 2012.

Three levels of MTB Skills Clinics are available in the Burlington, CT area where we have more miles of trails than you would ever want to ride in a weekend.





New 2-Day Mountain Bike Skills Clinic!

MTB Skills Clinics for riders in the Boston, MA area.

“We help mountain bikers increase the FUN factor and decrease the CRASH factor!”

Coach Margie Bowen

MTB Skills Clinics in New England