MTB Skills Clinics in Sedona AZ

Skills Clinics in the Sedona AZ area

This skills clinic will be held in the beautiful area of Sedona, Arizona.  Sign up now if you’d like to learn how to handle more obstacles and different types of terrain so you can stay on your bike more and have more fun.

We call them skills clinics, but whether you were looking for MTB classes, MTB lessons, or MTB instruction, it doesn’t matter because you found the right place!

In our clinics, mountain bikers learn the critical skills to ride safely and in control. With confidence built up we then add the maneuvers that make mountain biking so much fun.

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Learn the Fundamentals of Mountain Biking

The Sedona clinic will be geared toward both newer riders and those who have some experience but realize they need a better set of basic skills.  You’ll build up your skills in a supportive small group environment

As with any sport, you’ll have the most success, and the shortest learning curve, when you learn the basic skills, or fundamentals, first.

Once the fundamentals are in place and there’s a good foundation to build upon, you’ll have a much better time developing the maneuvers.

Sign up now for the Fundamentals MTB Skills Clinic and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel on the bike after just a few hours of instruction!

“We help mountain bikers decrease the CRASH  factor and increase the FUN factor!”

Coach Margie Bowen

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