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Participate in the Fundamentals and Maneuvers clinics on the same day and save $49.00.

Details for each clinic are found on the Fundamentals Clinic page and the Maneuvers Clinic page.

You’ll get a total of 6 hours of instruction including practice on the trails and you’ll be a different rider by the time we wrap up for the day!

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  2. From the drop-down menu below choose the date of clinics you’d like to attend then Add to Cart.
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Fundamentals and Maneuvers Clinics on the same day!

Register to take BOTH the Fundamentals and Maneuvers Clinics on the same day and you’ll save $49.

The Fundamentals Clinic is a prerequisite for the Maneuvers Clinic and occurs during the 3-hour morning session.

The Maneuvers Clinic is scheduled in the afternoon on the same day as the Fundamentals Clinics and is also a 3-hour session.

The Fundamentals Clinic is generally from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We take up to 60 minutes break for lunch then the Maneuvers Clinic goes from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

See ya out there!

If you’re going to be in the Burlington, CT area for your clinic, you may want to check out our local NW CT NEMBA chapter.

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Clinic Dates

Saturday, June 18 (rain date June 19) BURLINGTON, CT – SOLD OUT

5 reviews for “Fundamentals and Maneuvers” Clinic

  1. Margie Bowen

    Thank you very much, Lukas. It was great to have you in the group and it was fun to watch you getting stoked about your new skills. You improved your riding ability by leaps and bounds. You’ll also start seeing the trails differently now and have even more fun on your bike!

  2. Lukas Neuburger (verified owner)

    I wish I had taken this class when I first started riding, would have saved me some crashes! The coverage of the fundamentals (body position, bike body separation, braking, basic cornering) is excellent. I noticed an improvement in all these areas as the class moved from drills to the trail. The maneuvers part of the class was just plain fun, learning how to get your wheels off the ground is a blast. I went from small front wheel lifts only to getting both wheels several inches off the ground at once, stoked! Finally, the trail portions of the class were great opportunities to reinforce skills and get much needed riding feedback. Overall I completely enjoyed the class, great vibe, great crew of students and Margie did a fantastic job helping us all be better riders.

  3. Margie Bowen

    There’s no question you were stoked about what you were learning today, Zach. With all those challenges you conquered in a few hours, it’s no wonder. I’m still smiling from watching you practice some of the maneuvers this afternoon. Not only did you keep us entertained with your personality and enthusiasm, but you jumped right in to help someone with a mechanical issue. Thank you for that! You’re a great asset to your riding community in NY and MA.

  4. zach (verified owner)

    I’ve been riding for a few years, racing poorly, crashing often and wimping out on some stuff I should be able to ride. I signed up for Margie’s Fundamentals and Maneuvers not sure if it was going to be the right class for me. IT WAS THE RIGHT CLASS. In 6 hours – I learned to wheelie higher, get a little air, lift my back wheel on flat pedals, roll over a really big boulder, climb some rocky steep stuff and take the hard line with confidence. I’m so glad I signed up – money spent on these classes is a great value (especially compared with all the medical bills and time -off the bike caused by crashes before I had the class and was doing things wrong). Go ahead and smash that “add to cart” button. You’ll be glad you did.

  5. Margie Bowen

    So glad that your confidence level has increased, Kris. Keep practicing the skills and maneuvers you learned and you’ll have your best season ever.

  6. kriskeogh (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the Fundamentals and Manuevers same day skills clinic. Margie explained everything precisely. I Gained more confidence and learned so much that will benefit me every time I ride.

  7. Margie Bowen

    So glad to hear that you’ve already been out on the trail and are noticing great improvement in your level of riding. Very exciting!

  8. Daniel Halperin (verified owner)

    If you feel like your riding is not improving, and you learn better in a class than from watching videos then I highly recommend that you take the “Fundamentals and Maneuvers” same day clinic. I wouldn’t have considered myself a beginner, but getting out on the trails since taking the clinic with Margie has been like night and day. My flow and speed have drastically improved, and I am tackling larger obstacles with more confidence than before, now that I am equipped with the proper techniques for them. Margie shows you that not everything you have been told to do is right, and will help you fix mistakes and bad habits that if left uncorrected would continue to hold you back.

  9. Margie Bowen

    Sandra, I think we all agreed that you made some awesome progress in just a few hours. Early in the day you were pretty tentative, but by the end of the day your were riding over stone walls and big rocks like you’ve been doing it all your life. Your boys will be so proud of you!

  10. Sandra Dias (verified owner)

    I highly recommend taking the “Fundamentals and Maneuvers (Same Day)” because the course was well paced and catered to the needs to the participants. We were a small group with various riding abilities but Margie made it work seamlessly where I didn’t feel overwhelmed or felt that I was holding back any of my teammates. The best part was that I felt that I was not rushed to learn a skill in order to move to the next. I definitely felt more confident after the combined course and I was able to do ride better with the skills that I learned. I was tired at the end of the day but it was well worth it.

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