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This clinic is for you if…

  • You’re self-taught and want to ensure you have a good foundation of skills
  • You have a pretty good level of fitness
  • You enjoy learning in a small group setting
  • You want to increase your FUN factor and decrease your crash factor!

You’ll get 3 hours of instruction including practice on the trails.

Combine this clinic with the “Maneuvers” Clinic in the afternoon of the same day and you’ll get 6 hours of instruction for only $349. Purchase both clinics for the same person on the same day and you’ll save $49.

Unless marked as WOMEN, clinics are co-ed and tend to have an equal number of each gender.

  1. Open this Registration Form first then come back to this page to reserve your place by making your payment.
  2. From the dropdown menu below choose the clinic date you’d like to attend then add to cart and check out.
  3. Complete that Registration Form.

See ya at the clinic!


“Fundamentals” Clinic

So you want to mountain bike and learn some fundamental MTB skills?

Good for you.  Mountain biking makes you feel like a kid again!

But if you don’t know some of the basic skills, you’ll likely learn the HARD way.  That’s how I first learned and I can tell you it’s NOT the ideal way to learn!

This clinic is great for those who have recent cycling experience but little or no mountain biking or off-road experience. It’s also great for those who have been riding for years but never got any instruction on how to use body positioning to maneuver the bike and reduce those undesirable outcomes that may be occurring during rides.

The “Fundamentals” clinic will build your confidence and help you ride more safely.

We’ll focus on fundamental MTB skills like:

  • Bike Safety check (learn what to check for to ensure your bike is ready to ride)
  • Dynamic body positioning (every other mountain biking skill builds off this)
  • Braking techniques (so you stay in control and don’t go over the bars)
  • Gearing and cadence (learn to pedal more efficiently to save energy and save your drivetrain)
  • Picking good lines (techniques to use to determine the best line for your ability)
  • Climbing and descending (how to climb efficiently and feel safe going downhill)

You’ll learn the tips and techniques to improve your skills and, with some practice, you’ll find yourself riding at the next level in no time.

You may even find other participants you can ride with after the clinic (some of my favorite riding buddies were students in my clinics).

Register and participate in BOTH the Fundamentals Clinic AND the Maneuvers Clinic on the same day and you’ll get a discount of $49. 

Maneuvers Clinics are generally scheduled in the afternoon on the same days as the Fundamentals Clinics.  The Fundamentals Clinic is a prerequisite for the Maneuvers Clinic.

The Fundamentals Clinic is generally from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We take an hour break for lunch then the Maneuvers Clinic goes from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Are you ready to improve upon some of your fundamental MTB skills and have some FUN at the same time?

Then scroll back up, complete the Registration Form, choose the Clinic Date, Check Out and let’s do this!

This clinic is similar to the “Fundamentals” clinics we’ve held at NEMBAfest at Kingdom Trails in Vermont.

See ya out there!

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Saturday, June 18 (rain date June 19) BURLINGTON, CT – SOLD OUT

4 reviews for “Fundamentals” clinic

  1. Margie Bowen

    Glad you learned some things that’ll help you ride better, Horacio.
    Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.
    I’ll look forward to working with you next year in the Rock ‘n’ Roll clinic.

  2. hhojman (verified owner)

    I did the fundamentals and the maneuvers clinics. I admit that signed up for the fundamentals reluctantly. I was more interested in the rock and roll clinic. After all, I knew how to ride a bike. Why do I need this?
    Boy! Was I wrong?
    I learnt so much! The instruction was so clear and the points so useful. Even the fundamentals clinic (which I was sure that I didn’t need) was an eye opener.
    I still would like to do the rock and roll clinic next year. But first I need to practice everything I learnt during the first two clinics.
    Thank you Margie!

  3. Margie Bowen

    Thank you, Heather! It was so nice having you in the clinics on Sunday. I especially enjoyed your personality and your willingness to try new techniques until you got it. Now that you have the skills and maneuvers in your skill set you’ll have a blast out on your bike. Search out others in your area (MA) to ride with and check the NEMBA schedule for some rides for women and/or beginners. And please check in with me if you get stuck with any of the techniques so I can help you. You go, girl!

  4. Heather (verified owner)

    I have been road cycling for a few years and wanted to give mountain biking a try but was pretty intimidated having no experience on the trails. I started looking into Margie’s Fundamentals and Maneuvers clinics (you get a great deal when you do both in the same day). Margie was so friendly and supportive before I even signed up; answering my emails immediately and putting me at ease about my concerns as a new rider. I went with the women’s only clinic and signed on for both Fundamentals and Maneuvering. We worked on so many techniques in those 6 hours! I am so grateful that I found Margie’s class. If I had tried to go out on the trails on my own without working with her I know I would have thought this just wasn’t the sport for me. Knowing what I know now, thanks to Margie, I am confident and very eager to get back on the trails! There were a few sections of the trails I didn’t feel comfortable on and she was so supportive and concerned with us doing only what we are comfortable with so no undesirable results occur! Although I had a few undesirable results we immediately went over what I did wrong so I could correct it (or try) right away. The class sizes are small so you get all the attention you need to improve your skills as well as watch and learn from your fellow riders as well. I definitely recommend taking Margie’s class! She is amazing!

  5. Margie Bowen

    Sometimes a Fundamentals clinic will have mostly newer riders, but the skill levels can also be across the board like in the clinic you were in, Chris. Everyone needs to have a good foundation of the fundamentals in order to be able to perform the many maneuvers well. So even though there were riders in the group that had a bit more experience than you, everyone still learned things they needed to know to improve their riding ability. You did great, Chris! With practice and additional trail time you’ll start feeling it all come together.

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    As a neophyte rider, returning to the bike after years of running, I really wanted to get the basics down and make sure i was learning how to ride the RIGHT way. So much has changed in MTB since I rode last and my skills were self taught and crude. I feel like clinic gave me a basis to enjoy the sport a lot more than i had. The hours flew by as we went through all the drills about where your weight should be, how to climb, how to descend, how to be ready for the trail. The class size was small and the skill level was varied. Most of the group was really, really good. And then there was me. LOL. and it was fine. The class was small enough where Margie was able to address the skills of each individual. Thanks Margie!

  7. Margie Bowen

    Thanks, Ryan. It was great having you in the group.
    Even after 20 years you still have some of those BMX moves and can execute them well.
    Like you never left the sport.
    One of the things people say about mountain biking is that it makes them feel like a kid again.
    That’s how I feel and I could see that in you yesterday

  8. Ryan (verified owner)

    MTB fundamentals training was fun and very informative. I just got back into mountain biking after 20 years but was a pretty good BMX rider back in the day. I was shocked at how little I really understood about riding. The mechanics, body position, weight distribution, etc. Margie did a fantastic job explaining everything in simple to understand and easy to remember terms. I loved her enthusiasm for the sport specifically her emphasis on making riding safer and increasing the fun factor. If you are just starting out or like me getting back into it, I would highly recommend taking Fundamentals along with MTB Manuevers. Great job Margie!

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