Gift Certificates


A great gift idea when you want to give a unique and awesome gift, but…

  • You’re not certain whether the recipient would prefer a group setting or private coaching
  • You don’t know what level they’re at to know which Skills Clinic would be best

You just know they’ll love getting a gift that supports this outdoor activity they enjoy so much!

Purchase in increments of $25, for example:

  • Change quantity to 4 ($100) for a Gift Certificate toward any type of coaching
  • Change quantity to 10 ($250) for a 2-hour Private Coaching session

Follow the Instructions for Gift Certificates in the Description section below to ensure your Gift Certificate is prepared to your liking.


Mountain Bike Coaching Gift Certificates

“I love it!  You’re the best!”  That’s what you may hear when you give a MTB Coaching Gift Certificate to someone you love.

Whether they decide to go with a Skills Clinic or Private Coaching, they’ll become a safer rider.

And they’ll have more FUN on their bike because they’ll be able to ride more of the trails instead of taking a spill or getting off and walking sections.

With newfound skills they’ll be able to keep up with a group better. (Having other riders wait for you can be embarrassing.)

No ho-hum gifts here at Mountain Bike Skills Training!

Choose your dollar amount above and make someone’s day!

How to get your MTB Coaching Gift Certificate

Complete your purchase, then tell us the following information in the contact form below…

  • Who the gift certificate is for (see the sample gift certificate above)
  • Who the gift certificate is from
  • How you would like to receive the gift certificate (mail/email)
  • Your contact information, in case we have a question

Once we have all the information to complete the certificate, we’ll email it right out to you.

Happy trails!


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