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Private Coaching is a great option…

  • If you prefer 1-to-1 coaching rather than the group dynamic
  • If you’re a true newbie to the sport and a clinic sounds like too much right now
  • When you have very specific skills you’d like to work on
  • Your schedule doesn’t align with the skills clinics schedule

Minimum of 2 hours for Private Coaching sessions ($125/hour).

Your coach needs to get to know you a bit so she can help you with your biggest challenges on the bike…

Complete this Registration Form first then come back here, increase the quantity to the number of hours of coaching, then you’re ready to go to your Shopping Cart to check out.



Why Go With Private Coaching?

Private Coaching is the way to go when you want it to be all about YOU.

It’s also a great option if you have no weekend availability to attend a skills clinic.

Private sessions are perfect for those who don’t want to be in a group because they’re a little intimidated or lack confidence.

On the other hand, racers choose Private Coaching because they want to learn from an expert who’s been there and moved up the ranks.

Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t know the first thing about mountain biking and are concerned you’ll look silly in front of a group.

Building up your skill box with the necessary skills in a private setting will do wonders for your level of confidence.

You’ll learn by going through progressions of increasing challenge in a controlled environment before hitting the trails for more practice.

Breaks can be taken as needed or we can continue on if you’re more advanced.

Specific challenges and skills can be addressed at your own pace.

Whatever your mindset and skillset, if Private Coaching is right for you…

Let’s get you riding to the best of your ability this season!

If you have friends that would like to join you, a Private Group Coaching session would be the way to go.


Instructions for Private Coaching

If Private Coaching sounds right for you…

  1. Determine a few dates and times that will work for you (weekday afternoons, occasional weekday mornings and weekends may be available)
  2. Decide how many hours you’d like to work together (2-hour minimum)
  3. Initiate a conversation with Coach Margie using the contact form below to discuss scheduling options

Once we have agreed upon a date and time…

  1. Come back to this page
  2. Complete the Registration Form (emergency contact info, what skills you’d like to work on, etc.)
  3. Increase the quantity above to the number of hours of private coaching we agreed upon
  4. Complete the transaction through the Shopping Cart
  5. You’re good to go!



You’re welcome to check out what’s going on in our area with our local NW CT NEMBA chapter based in Burlington, CT.

4 reviews for Private Coaching (hourly)

  1. Michele Richards (verified owner)

    I recommend a coaching session with Margie whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned rider.

    Her style of coaching is clear and focused, so that I got immediate results when she put me through some drills. Not only did I come away with some very valuable techniques to take back to the trail, but I got a confidence boost as well!

    It’s obvious that Margie has a great depth of experience in coaching, which any rider could benefit from. Don’t waste your time with YouTube tutotials, book a session with Margie!

  2. Margie Bowen

    Thank you, Michele. You could end up being a real hotshot on the bike! Keep at it and keep me posted with your progress.

  3. Ryan Crum (verified owner)

    Booked a private session with Margie because I couldn’t attend the clinics. Definitely worth it. Great style of coaching, focuses on what you want to improve and I left with a ton of new things to work on. Once I get these skills down, I’ll be back for more.

  4. Carol Cangiamila (verified owner)

    This was my first experience on a mountain bike…love it, thanks to the drills and techniques that were given during my lesson. The location was spectacular, surrounded by beautiful Verde Valley and Red Rock of Sedona. The confidence in my ability allowed me to take on the trail. Margie was there the entire time offering instruction. I can’t wait to hit the trail again!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!

  5. Margie Bowen

    You were a lot of fun to work with, Carol. You have what it takes to become a really good mountain biker. You’ll enjoy the Sedona, Arizona trails even more now!

  6. Nick Murray (verified owner)

    Worked for two days with Margie. I took private lessons as I am pretty deaf in both ears and often struggle in group settings. I am really pleased with the classes and I learned a lot, and gained a lot of confidence. She mixed things up really well with a bit of riding and then skill work. The mix worked really well. I will definitely be taking more classes.

  7. Margie Bowen

    Nick, it was great watching your progress as we worked together and you’ll experience continued improvement as you spend time in your yard and trails practicing. I’m glad you liked how I planned your coaching time and that it worked well for you. Looking forward to working with you again in a couple of weeks.

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