MTB Instruction Reviews and Testimonials

These folks got their MTB instruction either in a Skills Clinic or Private Coaching

If you’ve been coached and would like to write a review of your own, please find the reviews section on the web page for the specific type of Private Instruction or Skills Clinic in which you participated. Only those who have registered and participated are able to leave a review.

“Margie, thank you for providing a much needed all women’s mountain bike camp in the Northeast!

Your knowledge, guidance, and support really shined through the entire weekend and I learned a lot of new helpful tools that will aid in my quest to be a more skillful and efficient rider.

I’m looking forward to riding with more confidence through the [flat] pedal switch recommendation you gave me. I’ve been riding for years with hesitation, which I believe has hindered my growth, but now I am super excited to get out there and experience the trails in a whole new light.”

Kris Vago, Rocky Hill, CT

“Being a 20-year veteran of Mountain Biking and an ex semi-pro racer, I was a bit dubious of what I could learn from a skills clinic.

At yesterday’s session Margie taught us (the Manchester Mountain Bike Search & Rescue team) cornering techniques. These were things I knew by instinct, but never practiced explicitly. I put these skills to work today at Burlington and I have to say that’s the fastest I’ve ever taken some of these turns.

If you think you’re too good for her mtb instruction, think again! I can’t wait to get on the DH courses up north and really put these skills to work.”

Brian C. Clark, ex semi-pro racer
“Couldn’t wait to take Margie’s Great Foundation skills clinic because as we all know there is always room for improvement; I desperately wanted to up my MTBing fun factor and decrease my crash factor . Margie took this small group of 5 and individualized the teaching for each of us. We each reaped expert instruction with hours of skill development and real trail application. This clinic has taught me to shift my body to the front-back-sides and pop it up in order to roll/hop over roots and rocks smoothly; climb hills and descend them with assurance instead of walking them; visually scan the trail and pick a line; along with a multitude of outstanding tips and tricks. Margie strengthened my skill set and gave me confidence to challenge myself on the trail. Thank you, Margie !”
Veronica Cote, New Hartford, CT
“Thanks for the lesson yesterday, it was very helpful to work on bike position and cornering!

Pretty excited to work on what I learned and I can already see the improvements!”

“Even really with no practice I was able to work in some of the skills in the race [3 days after the lesson] so with more practice it will come more natural and I’ll gain more speed with the cornering.

I was a good 2.5 min faster on the bike portion of the race even on a wet course compared to dry last year.”

Kelli Montgomery, Triathlete Coach & 2014 Xterra World Champion
“I gave my son a MTB skills coaching session for his birthday. He loved getting out and learning proper technique from Margie. Chris has biked for years but Margie gave him new skills to work on and old ones to improve on.

Margie is very patient and understanding. She is able to work well with all levels. She was able to challenge Chris, while at the same time teach him.

Now I want to send my husband and older son out as well. I think i will need to plan an end of summer adventure. Maybe I will have to try mountain biking again, too!”

Cecily Mehlman, Farmington, CT

“My 8 year old son and I both had an awesome MTB skills session with Margie!

Afterward, my son conquered a hill in the backyard he thought would take him till the end of the summer… not only that he’s hopping over roots and rocks too:).

I joined in on a group lead by Margie for beginner mtn bikers… from beginning to end of the single track etc.. 2 hr MTB ride, not only Margie, but the entire group helped me move through the trails…

My expectations were far surpassed on so many levels.”

Joanne DiRusso, Simsbury, CT

“Thanks again, Margie. Another great session and feeling smoother and much more confident thanks to your excellent instruction… What’s more, it’s a LOT of fun!

I had a great experience taking logs, which I had previously gone around… completing rock gardens in one go, where I had taken several attempts and walk-throughs before.

So I have a newfound confidence and I’m pretty stoked. Having a blast with this!”

Russ, Stamford, CT
“My session with Margie far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this for every level rider.

After two years of mountain biking, it was great to have Margie show me new skills which will help me be a better and safer rider.

Thanks, Margie!!!

John, North Haven, CT
“I have been mountain biking for over 20 years, but have always focused on endurance rather than technique. I wanted to overcome my fear of obstacles such as skinny bridges and logs that require me to lift my front end.

Margie was a tremendous help: she helped me work on body positioning, confidence, and bike handling technique. She also recommended flat pedals because it was pretty clear that part of my problem was my fear of being unable to clip out.

Two hours passed much too quickly. I am looking forward to another session!”

Tricia Dowcett-Bettencourt, Cheshire, CT
“I had such a great session with Margie today! Definitely felt more in control of my bike after getting down to the basics and working on my body positions and technical skills. I can’t wait to hit the trails again to practice (and race)!”
Alecia Faustini, Cat 1/Expert racer

“Had a great time despite the heat.

Climbing hills that I couldn’t make before.

Sweat rollin’ down. Oh yeah!”

Holly Hambleton, Canton, CT
“I loved the second day of the clinic! I feel so much more stable on my bike and so much more in control.

Climbing techniques and front wheel lifts are going to make riding so much more FUN. Can’t wait to get back out and put my new skills to work.

Thanks, Margie, for an outstanding skills clinic!”

“My main focus of booking a private coaching session was to become a safer rider and to be more in control of my bike, all of which I achieved with my first lesson.

Techniques such as proper body positioning, braking, front wheel lifts, high speed cornering…..have made the trails more fun and has enabled me to keep up with more advanced riders.

Learning new skills has changed me as a rider – I no longer avoid logs, rock gardens and other technical sections. Margie’s excellent instructions, encouraging words and patience have given me a tremendous amount of confidence!”

An update…
“Just back from vacation where I was able to use so much of what I learned from Margie, after only two coaching sessions!

As an athlete who is pretty risk averse, I am incredibly impressed by the way she is able to get me to challenge myself beyond my comfort level.

Margie, thanks also for your patience! This has made a huge difference in my enjoyment and confidence on the trails.”

Linda Dipollino, Stonington, CT

Now it’s Your Turn to Get Some MTB Instruction!

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Join me for a skills clinic or private coaching and you’ll ride better than ever!

Coach Margie Bowen