Top 3 Tips To Improve Your Riding Ability In A Week

This is the brand new companion video I made for you that goes along with my Top 3 Tips To Improve Your Riding Ability Within A Week report.

You’ll get that 14-page report as a free gift when you sign up for the MTB Newsletter here or in the left column on this page.  In the report I go into a whole lot more detail about the specifics of these tips, but you’ll get an overview here.

With my Top 3 Tips you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll be riding within a week!


Tip #1 – Stop Sitting All The Time!

Even if you have a full suspension bike your body is still your biggest shock absorber.  When you stand on the pedals, with the crank arms horizontal, you’ll be much better grounded, it’ll smooth out the ride and your feet will stay on the pedals.

In this “Neutral” position your hips, knees and elbows are going to be a little flexed and everything’s kind of nice and comfortable.

You’ll use this position when things are relatively smooth going down an easy hill or on a flat when there’s nothing rough going on and you don’t need to pedal.


Tip #2 – Ready Position

When things get a little rougher, or you’re going down more of a hill, you’ll need to be able to absorb all those forces.

We’ll build this from the bottom up.

You’re on level pedals with horizontal crank arms. That sets your weight up equally between each pedal and distributes traction to each wheel.  You’re going to bend at the ankles and at the knees and you’re going to push the hips back.  That brings your torso lower.

You’ll pull your shoulder blades together and the arms go out.  Your chin is up and it’s right about over the stem when you’re in the right position.  Your hips will be hovering above the seat

This is a dynamic position so as the trail or terrain changes, so is your body position going to change

You want to stay balanced and centered over your pedals because that is the center of your bike there at the bottom bracket.

That position will make you feel really good and it will totally increase your FUN factor and really decrease your crash factor.  I guarantee it!


Tip #3 – Vision

Trail scanning is incredibly important so you’re not in reactionary mode and you have time to figure out what changes you need to make in your body positioning, braking, gearing and so forth.

When things are smoother you need to be looking farther out down the trail and as technical things come about, and get closer, look at those but keep looking out to what’s coming up next.


I’m here to help you increase your FUN factor and decrease your crash factor so we all have a blast out on the trails!

Happy trails!

Coach Margie Bowen


Top 3 Tips - Neutral

Top 3 Tips – Neutral

Top 3 Tips - Ready on bike

Top 3 Tips – Ready on bike

Top 3 Tips - Vision

Top 3 Tips – Vision